A Deli/Restaurant Grows in Kendall Square

Physical meeting sIMG_5960pace makes such a difference to an innovation community – coworking space, meeting rooms, and event space.  But before that first meeting and after the event, a place to gather, chow down or caffeine up is also important.

The (relatively) recent addition of the Ames Street Deli, and Study Restaurant to Kendall Square gave us our Innovation Breakfast space this past week.  (The owners also hosted us for the after-party for IMG_5961Mass Innovation Nights after our June event at Google – we packed the place.) The Ames Street Deli and Carlton PR & Marketing bought coffee for our small band of holiday-week networkers (from simplifying  healthcare billing to customizing content to a fabulous cooking blogger), and we traded business cards and life/work stories with a side order of fabulous breakfast treats.

IMG_5966The deli (mornings/lunch) and bar’s (dinner and night) space connect to the Study restaurant which provides a perfect off-to-the-side-out-of-the-way place for a morning networking event. If you are looking for a place to hold a morning networking event, we suggest chatting with the staff.  Great choice!

P.S. There’s also a great private room upstairs for events too!  Open but surprisingly private.

Innovation Breakfast at TechHub

Innovation Breakfast is returning to TechHub June 26, 2015 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM. TechHub is one of the Boston area’s newest co-working spaces. Located in hip Davis Square, it’s a great place for networking and meeting other tech-minded individuals. Come join us for a little coffee and innovation!

Check out our Eventbrite to RSVP!

Co-working: TechHub Boston

The Boston/Cambridge co-working scene continues to grow, with many many options for the entrepreneur who can’t yet techhub 1afford or doesn’t want to open up their own office. As of last summer, there were more than 50 co-working options in the area. If you’re looking for an office in a co-working space, where that co-working space is often depends on where you are in your life. Single and city dweller? Young couple?  Young family moving to the suburbs?  What location works best for you?
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Building Your Small Business

Being an entrepreneur is hard work. When considering the challenges of obtaining funding, creating a long-term business plan and distinguishing yourself from a sea of competition, building a small business can be a daunting task.

Introducing 10,000 Small Businesses.

10ksb logo

A non-profit created by one of the biggest names in the industry, Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses gives participants the opportunity to learn new skills and grow their professional network by participating in an education program designed by Babson College. Check out below for more details on this exciting opportunity.

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Visiting Danger!Awesome

Last week’s Innovation Breakfast was a preview visit to one of our Mass Innovation Nights 6th Birthday hosts, IB Danger signDanger!Awesome.

When you say the words, Danger!Awesome, it’s important to drop down into monster truck announcer voice. Make sure you add the reverb too.

Ever since we heard about Danger!Awesome, we’ve been dying to visit.  Danger!Awesome had us at “laser cutter.”  They even welcomed us with our very own Innovation Breakfast sign!
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The Cambridge Innovation Center

When you are making the rounds of Boston area co-working space, the Cambridge Innovation Center is likely to be the first, or the last stop – open options, private offices, all the options.  The Big Daddy of Boston coworking spaces rises like a monolith in the heart of Kendall Square and it seems everyone visits One Broadway on a regular basis.  But make sure you check addresses when someone says “Meet me at the CIC.” 
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Innovation Breakfast: Oficio, New Location for us!


It was a cold morning in February but we quickly warmed up in Oficio’s 30 Newbury Street location. They have two locations – the other on 129 Newbury Street has dedicated offices while this location is the open coworking space.
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Roving Breakfast: NGIN

Innovation Breakfast returned to NGIN where a diverse group of innovative professionals joined us for noshing and networking on a cold day in January. This Innovation Breakfast was held in NGIN’s kitchen, a bright and open space where guests could easily mingle and grab some breakfast.  You know that at every party, everyone always hangs out in the kitchen.   
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Back on the Road: WeWork South Station

We’ve been taking Innovation Breakfast back out on the road!  Thanks to our new Innovation Breakfast partners (aWeWorkS2nd Innovation Women helpmates) Pivotal Labs.  (Gotta love partners who can not only invite you into their super cool playhouse…i.e. WeWork, but provide a yummy breakfast.)  Especially on a cold cold day…when you are wishing it was WeWork South Pacific rather than South Station.  I always appreciate the nice WeWork touches, like sliced citrus fruit in the water jugs, giant coffee machines and kitchens with islands (and requisite beer taps – although I didn’t test them on a Friday morning.)
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The Unconference: Bring Your Ideas

This week, we’ll be taking the Innovation Breakfast and the Innovation Nights team to the Mass TLC UnConference in Boston.  Hope you’ll be joining us!

The UnConference is a terrific event and every year seems to bring some new revelation.  This year I’m supporting a specific panel and looking for your ideas on how to make the Massachusetts Ecosystem even better.  Hope to see you there!

Innovation Breakfast is Going to Social Media Breakfast for Halloween

The stars are aligned.  Or, SMB 10-28-2014at least the Breakfasts are.

This week, Innovation Breakfast is taking a field trip to Social Media Breakfast.  It’s nearby (also in Woburn), it’s got a bunch of really smart social media people speaking and attending, and we get to see old friends.  (I see a bunch of Mass Innovation Nights alumni on the list!)  We’re also liking the topic — The Rise of Social Content & Supporting the Right Communities.

And, it’s Halloween.  Maybe there will be candy.  Mom usually frowns on candy for breakfast but we’re willing to overlook it just this once.

If you want to join us, sign up now!

Innovation Breakfast at Launch

We brought Innovation Breakfast “home” this week — our home. And, had a great group of visitors join us.  After all that traveling around, we’ll stick a little closer to home for the next few weeks.  Want to keep the Innovation Breakfast magic alive? Come and visit us next Friday morning! RSVP.
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