Back on the Road: WeWork South Station

We’ve been taking Innovation Breakfast back out on the road!  Thanks to our new Innovation Breakfast partners (aWeWorkS2nd Innovation Women helpmates) Pivotal Labs.  (Gotta love partners who can not only invite you into their super cool playhouse…i.e. WeWork, but provide a yummy breakfast.)  Especially on a cold cold day…when you are wishing it was WeWork South Pacific rather than South Station.  I always appreciate the nice WeWork touches, like sliced citrus fruit in the water jugs, giant coffee machines and kitchens with islands (and requisite beer taps – although I didn’t test them on a Friday morning.)

weWorkS3We’ve previously held Innovation Breakfast at the Melcher Street WeWork, in partnership with Generally Assembly but the larger Boston WeWork location is conveniently located right across from South Station on Atlantic Avenue.  The coworking space is growing like crazy, opening up new floors since we were last in the building for yet another meeting.

weworkS6We were able to hang out with Jared and Simon who are busy growing the new Boston office for Pivotal.  I’ve been so impressed with their approach — very focused on being a true software development partner and helping clients build out their development processes, not just building a product.  We also had visits from some of our MIN Alumni and a bunch of new friends!

We talked about some great programs coming from the City of Boston and Boston Private Industry weworks7Council.  Did you know that Job Shadow Day 2015 will take place on Friday, Feb 6, 2015?  Job Shadow Day is a half day event (typically 9am-1pm) designed to introduce Boston public high school students to a career and to the world of work.  You can sign up to host or just learn more here!

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