Roving Breakfast: NGIN

Innovation Breakfast returned to NGIN where a diverse group of innovative professionals joined us for noshing and networking on a cold day in January. This Innovation Breakfast was held in NGIN’s kitchen, a bright and open space where guests could easily mingle and grab some breakfast.  You know that at every party, everyone always hangs out in the kitchen.   

If you haven’t joined us previously at Innovation Breakfast, they are smaller events (we had about 20 people join us at NGIN) that give us a chance to talk with people.  (It’s a little tough at Mass Innovation Nights where 200-400 people attend!)  We bringing in Breakfast, offer a tour of the co-working space (if you so desire) and at some point, have “circle time”.  We go around the circle and everyone introduces themselves.  Helps to know who’s in the room, right?  We’ve also started bringing in other experts who are available to help entrepreneurs with their challenges.  Right now we’re hanging with the new Boston team from Pivotal Labs – great folks to talk with about your product development processes.

See you next week at the Cambridge Innovation Center, 101 Main Street! RSVP here.

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