Visiting Danger!Awesome

Last week’s Innovation Breakfast was a preview visit to one of our Mass Innovation Nights 6th Birthday hosts, IB Danger signDanger!Awesome.

When you say the words, Danger!Awesome, it’s important to drop down into monster truck announcer voice. Make sure you add the reverb too.

Ever since we heard about Danger!Awesome, we’ve been dying to visit.  Danger!Awesome had us at “laser cutter.”  They even welcomed us with our very own Innovation Breakfast sign!

2015-03-03 17.27.51Danger!Awesome’s retail space is right across Prospect street from Workbar in Central Square, Cambridge, mere steps from the Central Square T stop.  (This is going to make it mighty convenient for our April 8th party goers who can easily visit two of our four locations by simply walking across the street.) There’s a much larger downstairs location just around the corner on Massachusetts Avenue that we’ll be taking over on April 8th.

Makers and artists as well as the merely curious all love the ability to learn about laser cutters and 3D printing at Danger!Awesome.  Working on a new product prototype? This is also a good option. You can take classes and learn how to use their cool tools or to make specific projects.

Not feeling particularly creative yourself? You stop in and check out someone else’s creations in the retail space.

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