Innovation Breakfast at Launch

We brought Innovation Breakfast “home” this week — our home. And, had a great group of visitors join us.  After all that traveling around, we’ll stick a little closer to home for the next few weeks.  Want to keep the Innovation Breakfast magic alive? Come and visit us next Friday morning! RSVP.

For the past several years we have called Tradecenter 128 in Woburn our home. We’ve been working out of the Century Suites office suites more than three years, starting with a single office and last year growing into a larger double office that could accommodate all of us and have a separate meeting room.  This year we changed things up again, moving into a private office adjoining the Launch co-working space, a space that we share with other startups and small companies. (You can get a desk here starting at $155/month.)

It’s great that Cummings affords us such flexibility. Without leaving the Tradecenter property, you can find executive suites, individual offices, small companies and large companies. If your company outgrows your space, you move into a bigger space without having to change the letterhead.  We get plenty of free parking (both lots and garage), and all the other amenities you’d expect as well as great service from the Cummings team. (After reading the Globe today, I’m thinking more and more people are going to be looking at our parking lot with lust in their eyes.)

Not a city kid either?  Come and join us.

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