Building Your Small Business

Tweet Being an entrepreneur is hard work. When considering the challenges of obtaining funding, creating a long-term business plan and distinguishing yourself from a sea of competition, building a small business can be a daunting task. Introducing 10,000 Small Businesses. A non-profit created by one...

The Roving Innovation Breakfast

Tweet That’s right…this week, May 30th, we’ll have Innovation Breakfast in Las Vegas as part of the UP Summit there.  We’ll be presenting Mass Innovation Nights at the Saturday Ignite event and connecting with Innovation Peeps from all over the country.  It will be awesome! We...

No one here but us chickens

Tweet I always say that if no one else shows up for Innovation Breakfast, I’ll at least be able to get some work done.  Hasn’t happened yet. 

We can do better: Ries at the Stata Center

Tweet Eric Ries of  The Lean Startup fame spoke at MIT last night.  (Kudos to Tom Summit from Genotrope, and others, who  brought him to town.)