The Roving Innovation Breakfast

That’s right…this week, May 30th, we’ll have Innovation Breakfast in Las Vegas as part of the UP Summit there.  We’ll be presenting Mass Innovation Nights at the Saturday Ignite event and connecting with Innovation Peeps from all over the country.  It will be awesome!

We won’t be in Waltham on Friday but the Roving Innovation Breakfast is a thing whose time has come.  We’ve got all kinds of invites from places too small to hold a Mass Innovation Nights, so we’re going to be taking Innovation Breakfast on the road this summer.  We’ve got some super awesome co-working spaces to visit to start.  Want us to visit your space?  All you need to do is plug in the coffee pot (or point us to a nearby coffee shop) and we’ll be there.  To get on the schedule, email us at info @ innovationnights (dot) com.

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