Innovation Breakfast – Metrowest TechSandBox

Living in the ‘burbs as I do, I spend a good amount of time in my car.  Pop into Boston. Pop into Cambridge.  Fortunately, my mwtsbslice of suburbia is relatively central and offers me easy access to the city and pretty much anything along 128.  My friend Barb Finer, the founder of the Metrowest TechSandBox in Hopkinton, used to spend a lot more time in her car.  Living along 495, a trip into Boston took a sizable chunk out of her day.  Until she started the TechSandBox and brought that entrepreneurial culture to the Metrowest.  Now there’s a haven for entrepreneurs outside the city!

Our Friday Innovation Breakfast drop-in continued to introduce people to new places to work (and new entrepreneurial friends.)  We snuck in before the regular users of the space were in.  We had some attendees who were familiar with the space and some who weren’t.  (Just in case it wasn’t clear for some folks, these are open houses for the co-working spaces.  You are welcome even if you don’t already work there.  I’m visiting too!)

In this case, what I found was more than just a co-working space.  The TechSandBox is working to accelerate the the progress of the entrepreneurs who work there, as well as save them from the trip into Boston or Cambridge.  The organization hosts a number of specific interest groups (SIGs), workshops, seminars, mentors and even a business plan pitch contest.  You’ll find various experts holding office hours and peer group meetings too.

We had some terrific conversations at this week’s Innovation Breakfast:

  • Interns
  • Manufacturing in the US
  • Great service
  • Volunteering and committee service

We were even able to do some instant connecting for some of the attendees!  Join us at our next event at General Assembly in Boston!

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