Innovation Breakfast at the InnoLoft

2014-09-05 08.33.1530,000 square feet of awesomeness.  Yup, that’s what Constant Contact has for their guests at the S2014-09-05 08.32.00MB InnoLoft.  And Innovation Breakfast was a Constant Contact guest this week.  They had us at hello and around every corner was a new and awesome surprise — from the skeeball to the awesome kitchen to the conference rooms fitted out like storefronts (an homage to the small businesses who use Constant Contact’s newsletter, event and polling systems) and so much more.  Great space for an event and we’ll be there in November with Mass Innovation Nights.

Full disclosure, we’re probably a little biased because we’ve been Constant Contact customers for years and years and years.  And, there’s a reason.  It works.  Our Mass Innovation Nights newsletter goes out like clockwork every week (twice on the week of the event!)  But even the most unbiased visitor is impressed with the new SMB InnoLoft space and the program it was designed for.

The Small Busin2014-09-05 08.32.08ess Innovation Program is a first-of-its-kind accelerator program, run by Constant Contact employees. It’s designed to support entrepreneurs passionate about helping small businesses.  This is a mission we can get behind.  And the program looks FANTASTIC.  Right now a lucky group of startups are hanging out in the beautiful InnoLoft, getting all kinds of help from the Constant Contact team, and yes, basically being the envy of all the other startups.  Want in on all this goodness? You’ll have to apply!  Sounds like the next group will come in 2015…

Thanks again to the super awesome Constant Contact team!  Looking forward to seeing you in November.  (Hmm, if I’m really quiet, will they notice me hiding behind the giant letters? Maybe I can stay?)

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