Innovation Breakfast at the Food Loft

The Food Loft was the site of our most recent Innovation Breakfast — unique among the Boston area co-working spaces, it is foodloft1focused on food and food/tech start ups and was founded by The Harvard Common Press, one of the nation’s leading cookbook publishers.  Situated on Albany Street a funky fifth floor loft, the Food Loft shares quarters with the Common Press.  The space is currently home to 8 different foodie startups including one of our alumni, Nosh On It, a curated once-a-day newsletter offering great recipes and more.  You’ll also find Bakepedia, Bonnie’s Jams, Cabbige, Caviar, Chef’d Up, Culture, and Sam Kanter Events.

foodloft3Ably directed by Lauren Abda, The Food Loft is a great example of what can happen when a space is a cohesive community with common goals.  With common interests and shared knowledge, everyone is stronger.  The Food Loft has a strong personality (flavor?) — with exotic art and rugs scattered over the hardwood floors, conference rooms that seem more wine and cheese board than white board-oriented.  Still lots of work getting done but the vibe is all in good taste. (Pun intended.)

So, got a food or food/tech startup?  This might be the place for you!

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