Innovation Breakfast at NGIN


We had a great diverse and international population at Roving Innovation Breakfast #2!  Hello to our new friends from the Consulate General of France! (Check out their NETVA program.) And our charming friend who helps train Pacific island nation doctors on mobile health applications and products.  (I want to be him in January.)  And our startup enthusiast from Bulgaria.

And, of course, our old and new friends from Mass Innovation Nights — some of our alumni mixing with upcoming exhibitors.

The global accent was appropriate given that NGIN has been busily connecting international companies with the Kendall Square community since they opened their doors earlier this year.  In addition to a beautiful creative space, they offer three levels of services for entrepreneurs.  For the premium level — everything from concierge services to IT support. Zowie!

We also had a good group conversation about social media marketing — content creation, and finding time for content creation, is a challenge for everyone!

Big Thanks to the NGIN team for hosting us — and putting out quite a spread.  The big presentation room is sweet.  Plus, gotta love a coworking space right next to the Garment District (and right down the street from Kendall Square.)  Halloween’s gonna be a blast at NGIN – you heard it here first.

See y’all next Friday at Roving Innovation Breakfast #3 — off to Lowell and a visit to the Merrimack Valley Sandbox.  RSVP now!

Or join us on our Mass Innovation Nights Reunion Cruise around Boston Harbor. Fun for all!

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