Innovation Breakfast at General Assembly

Big thanks to the gang at General Assembly for hosting this week’s Roving Innovation Breakfast! General Assembly is co-located with WeWork in their Fort Point building, conveniently located in the Innovation District, on Melcher StSeaportWeekInnoBreet, just a few blocks each from the Convention Center and South Station.  (Hello, basketball court flooring walls – nifty!)  And, so cool, we were promoted as part of the First Annual Seaport Week.  For example, an advertisement from the InterContinental Boston Hotel (thank you Boston harbor Association!) on the back page of Thursday’s Boston Globe gives a schedule of all the cool things going on.  (If you haven’t yet, check it out – there’s still time! Also, don’t forget the Labor Day fireworks coming soon too.)

One of the interesting aspects of co-located entrepreneurial resources is how synergistic they often are.  In this example, people coming in for classes get to check out the cool co-working spaces and vice-versa.  General Assembly offers a wide variety of classes and events (fireside chats!) in addition to various weeks-long immersive programs. The shorter classes and events create a nice feeder system for the longer classes.  And, yup, you can hire technical people who take classes there.

Innovation Breakfast allows us to connect with new communities, and to see how different people jump into the networking pool.  Today we had a marketing intern from a MassChallenge finalist, an engineer from a local marketing platform company, a packaging design expert, a whole bunch of female startup CEOs, and we’re even starting to get some Roving Innovation Breakfast regulars!  They like it so much, they are coming back!  The networking was going so well it almost seemed a shame to round everyone up for introductions (i.e. circle time.)

Bonus:  We’re introducing people to new things — none of our group had visited General Assembly before.  Have you visited the Food Loft or Constant Contact’s new InnoLoft?  Now’s your chance.  Join us over the next few weeks for Innovation Breakfast.

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