Entrepreneurial Cheerleaders: The Sandbox Summit 2013

I’m at the Sandbox Summit 2013 in Lowell and even in the welcomes, I take away ideas.  Desh Deshpande, co-founder of the Deshpande Foundation  is one of my favorite speakers among the entrepreneurial set – well-spoken, articulate and always some anecdote or concept to learn from. Even though I’ve seen him speak more than a dozen times, I’ve yet to catch him recycling anything other than a general sense of goodwill and entrepreneurial support.

This morning, he briefly touched upon the naysayers (not in name) but those who tell you your entrepreneurial idea won’t work.  These aren’t the people with constructive criticism and ideas (for me these are the people whose thoughts end up on my massive to do list) but those who dismiss the idea as a whole.  “They aren’t being mean,” says Deshpande.  “On the contrary, they don’t want you to fail but to be in a safe place.”  These are supporters but supporters who are a bit afraid for you.

So, look for cheerleaders but not just any cheerleader.  Look for cheerleaders who will encourage you to stick your neck out.  You need a team to rally around you and push you to do more.

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