Beyond the Red Line – The TechSandBox

The Boston area has an embarrassment of riches in its programmatic resources for local entrepreneurs and innovators — everything from casual get-togethers to formal conferences and programs.  

The pickings get slimmer once you get beyond Route 128 (or Route 95 if you are a Johnny-come-lately and call it that).  (Heck, they get slimmer once you get off the Red Line.)  Conference organizers, wary of the “empty room failure”, cluster their events and it becomes a never-ending cycle as companies and start-ups cluster even more.  (Sadly, one of the side-effects is sky-rocketing rent.)

Many experienced entrepreneurs live outside Boston and Cambridge and have to make regular treks in to do business and attend meetings and events.  On a good day, it could be a couple of lost hours sitting in traffic, tolls and parking costs (or commuter rail tickets.)  On a bad day, consider the day lost to doing any real work.

If you are part of the entrepreneurial set living and working beyond the Red Line, consider getting involved with the TechSandBox Initiative.  TechSandBox is a comprehensive innovation center and accelerator that supports sci-tech sector entrepreneurs located near I495 and I90.  The model is unique, combining co-working space, advising, community, and educational content all in one location.  The organization is hosting a series of breakfast meetings over the coming weeks, on Friday mornings.  So, if you considered coming to Innovation Breakfast from one of those MetroWest cities and towns, might we suggest you consider getting involved with TechSandBox instead?

Check it out!  While TechSandBox ramps up, committees are being organized to build out the details of the programs. See the website for a list of planned programs. Read the rest of the site to learn more about the overall mission.  RSVPs required.

TechsandBox Breakfast meetings
Friday, Dec. 7, 9-11 am
Friday, Dec. 14, 9-11 am
Friday, Dec. 21, 9-11 am
Friday, Dec. 28, 9-11 am

Mornings not your thing?  A couple of evening events are also planned:
Thursday, Dec. 20, 5:30-8:30 pm
Thursday, Jan 10th 5:30-8:30 pm

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