A Special Innovation Breakfast

The regular weekly Innovation Breakfast events are usually open networking events — no RSVPs, buy your own coffee and breakfast, sit down, introduce yourself and start networking. Over the past several months, they have evolved (or should we say devolved) into weekly office hours for Bobbie. (Who committed to coming as long as people keep showing up — and has yet to have a week where she gets work done…)

But every once in a while, we try to do something a little different.  So, join us for a special hosted Innovation Breakfast at Studio Crossing.  (Just down the street and around the corner from our usual location.)  We’ll be treated to coffee and breakfast treats by the team at Studio Crossing.  (Special thanks to Tamar!)  We’ll be talking about where Innovation Breakfast is heading — RSVP please so we know how much coffee to procure!  Come if you:

  • Work with entrepreneurs and startups
  • Are an entrepreneur or a startup
  • Like entrepreneurs or startups
  • Want to be an entrepreneur or startup

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