A Marketer, a Developer and an Entrepreneur Walk into a Bar

A coffee bar that is…

The weekly Friday Innovation Breakfasts have been continuing at the Cafe on the Common in Waltham.  Last week we had about a dozen people, including some folks from SCVNGR, a Twitter friend from the UK and a couple of entrepreneurs and marketing folks.  The SCVNGR team made an instant impression by handing out sunglasses.  (Our chosen coffee house really needs shades at certain times of the day.)

This week was a smaller group and proved that even the most diverse crew can make connections.  A web-based entrepreneur, a project manager, a developer (of housing, not websites) and a marketer.  Good conversations ensued with cards and information/knowledge exchanged all around.  What is it about these casual conversations that are so fruitful when the participants have so little in common?

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