Breakfast Discussion: Funding Flexibility

Every week we have some fascinating conversations at Innovation Breakfast.  We do introductions, and get to know you and your company but the far-ranging discussions on the industry are among the most compelling reasons to come out to Waltham for coffee on Friday mornings.  In keeping with the “Funding Friday” theme (#ff$), we asked for people’s thoughts around getting funded.  One experienced entrepreneur told the story of his funding adventures, calling funding a black art, what works once, might not work again.

There are various “happy endings” in funding from the entrepreneurs’ point of view.   Funds to go forward building a company.  The sale of a company or the product or the IP.  The incorporation of technology or the product into another company or another product.   Sometimes the intended or expected outcome gets kicked to the curb and something else happens.  Looking for funding?  Maybe it will end up in a sale.  Looking for a sale?  Maybe you will end up with partners.   People looking for funding need to keep their options open.

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