What Do The Numbers Say About Innovation?

Tweet There has been a lot of discussion about the state of innovation in Boston and Massachusetts.  The expressed concern is that Boston is losing its innovative edge compared to other innovation centers, such as Silicon Valley, Seattle, and others. Branko Gerovac will lead our next Innovation Breakfast,Friday,...

East v. West Innovation: Our Kick-off Event

Tweet What a great group we had!  A big thanks to everyone who helped to promote it beforehand here, (and here), and those who attended and contributed to a great conversation on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation in 2009 and Beyond: Massachusetts vs. Silicon Valley”, lead by Ron Croen. ...

We can do better: Ries at the Stata Center

Tweet Eric Ries of  The Lean Startup fame spoke at MIT last night.  (Kudos to Tom Summit from Genotrope, and others, who  brought him to town.)

November Speaker: Ronald Croen

Tweet We’re kicking off the Innovation Breakfast series with a terrific presentation from Ronald Croen, entrepreneur, leader and business adviser based in Silicon Valley who has been named the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Tufts University for the 2009-2010 academic year.

Innovation Profile: Preserve Toothbrush

Tweet Innovation Breakfast will be reviewing innovative products and company concepts, and we want you to help.  Tell us what you think!  Where does each product/company/inventor fall on the Genius or Kook scale?