The Last Innovation Breakfast…And the First

You always try to go out with a bang…and, boy, did we ever.  Bill Warner’s talk on “Startups from the Heart” was fantastic!  (Videos are below the break.)  And well received by our largest crowd so far.  (Yes, we opened up “ticket sales” quite a bit beyond the usual small group.)  And, if you were there, you heard us say that Innovation Breakfast is ending.  But, wait, what’s that on the horizon?

Starting in June, we’re kicking off a new model Innovation Breakfast.  We’re going to partially adopt the #OpenCoffee model and move Innovation Breakfast to Waltham’s Cafe on the Common (677 Main Street, at the corner of Main and Moody.)  Over this weekend, we’ll be switching out the Innovation Breakfast website to support this new model.  More soon!  (Oh, yeah, and suggestions welcomed, nay, encouraged!)  And, if you aren’t already a Cambridge “OpenCoffee at Andala” regular, check it out on for the scoop.

More soon!

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  3. We’ll try to join you for breakfast soon! 🙂

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